Community outreach is the cornerstone of our success. ERCC has impacted the South Florida community through collaborative partnerships with faith-based organizations, local, state, and federally elected officials, public/private sector, and non-profit organizations. As a result of these outreach efforts residents in the community have received mortgage assistance, homeownership assistance and credit counseling through our outreach events.

Event Gallery

October HBE Spanish Class
October HBE English Class
October HBE Classes (ENG & SPN)
Homebuyer Workshops
Loan Modification Success
SNHS, Wells Fargo, ERCC
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo
HOPE, Inc.
Housing Fair - Broward County
Housing Fair - Broward County
Housing Fair - Miami Dade
Housing Fair - Miami Dade
Housing Fair with Wells Fargo
Housing Fair - Fannie Mae
Housing Fair - City National Bank
Housing Fair - MDEAT
Open House Homeownership Workshop
Wells Fargo HO Event Miami
"Show me the Money"
"Show me the Money"
Outreach Events
Homebuying Success